Where Can I Learn How to Use Biofeedback?2017-10-24T09:30:41+00:00

Biofeedback can be learned by visiting a practitioner, attending a seminar, or from the comfort of your own home.

You can learn to use biofeedback by visiting a certified practitioner to understand the processes, machines and training involved. Because the type of therapy and instruments depend on the condition for which you are seeking treatment, visiting a certified biofeedback practitioner will ensure that you are learning how to use the equipment properly and for your specific needs.

Visiting a practitioner will also give you a good idea about how to accurately monitor your biofeedback signals. If you choose to do in-home treatment, you will already have some experience in using the instruments and making accurate readings of your biofeedback signals. Certified practitioners should also be able to teach you relaxation therapy, which you will need to learn in order to act on your feedback signals and achieve positive results.

You may also be able to join a biofeedback training seminar and workshop in your area. Biofeedback training seminars usually take several days to complete and consist of several hours per session each day. These seminars should be conducted by certified organizations with qualified staff that may be professional physicians, psychologists, therapists or other certified professionals. If you choose to attend a biofeedback seminar, make sure to conduct proper research on the organization hosting the event to make sure you will be getting the most qualified training possible.

Another option of learning to use biofeedback is by educating yourself through credible sources and information. In order to perform biofeedback, you will need equipment specific to your condition, illness or symptoms, and you will also need to have a good understanding of how to perform relaxation therapy, which involves muscle relaxation and breathing techniques.

In-home biofeedback is gaining popularity, and it is possible to achieve positive results using specially-designed biofeedback products and software. You will need to do research on what is the right product for your condition before purchasing a biofeedback instrument.

These consist of a monitoring tool, such as a headband, handheld device or thermometer, which relays your body signals to software installed on your computer. The software or app displays a screen with your body signal information on it, which provides data such as your heart rate, temperature and electrical brain activity. By watching educational videos online, you can learn how to perform relaxation techniques that you can use while monitoring your body signals through in-home biofeedback products and software.

When learning to use biofeedback, remember that the aim is to gain greater awareness about your body with tools and training, while the ultimate goal is to be aware of and act on your body signals without the need of monitoring instruments.